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Term Definition
HackerSomeone who seeks to understand computer, phone, or other systems strictly for the satisfaction of having that knowledge. Hackers wonder how things work, and have an incredible curiosity.
HalftonePrinters / Scanners. A simulation of continuous tones by the use of black or overlapping process colour dots of varying size or position.
Halftone ScreenPrinters / Scanners. A pattern of dots of different sizes used to simulate a continuous tone photograph, either in colour or black and white.
Hard CopyRefers to documents and records in paper and any other non-electronic format, for example, microfilm, video cassettes and sound cassettes in analogue form.
Head CrashStorage products. Unintentional crash of the read/write head on a disk during flight, may cause damage of the disk and/or the head and eventually result in unserviceability of the disk.
HeuristicsThis describes a set of rules developed to attempt to solve problems when a specific algorithm cannot be designed. For example, if the problem is "When do you eat food?", if you answer, "When I'm hungry" then you would have to eat immediately every single time you were hungry. Instead, we follow heuristics to determine when to eat by gauging our hunger level, the situation we are in, and our ability to get food. As you can imagine, heuristics are very important for solving artificial intelligence problems.
HoldingsThe whole of the archival material in a repository.
HoneypotA system left open and unprotected to entice hackers to break into it. Usually this is done so that system administrators can monitor the methods used to break in, the frequency of attack, or just to throw off attackers from the real goodies.
HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management)The management of file backup and archiving in a way that uses storage devices economically and without the user needing to be aware of when files are being retrieved from backup storage media.  Although HSM can be implemented on a standalone system, it is more frequently used in the distributed network of an enterprise.  The hierarchy represents different types of storage media, such as redundant array of independent disks systems, optical storage, or tape, each type representing a different level of cost and speed of retrieval when access is needed.
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)A standard language used for marking up World Wide Web pages with format styles and links within the same and different documents.
Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)Created in 1994, this is a versatile embedded scripting language that can be placed into HTML documents. As long as the webserver supports it, PHP can be used to generate HTML pages by accessing a database. PHP code is executed on the server, and offers an alternative to CGI or SSI calls, or the use of languages such as ColdFusion.

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