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Term Definition
Karnaugh MappingA means of showing the relationship between logic inputs and desired output. Generally a truth table is mapped to a smaller, more workable grid of output values (1s and 0s). Karnaugh Mappings are often used when working with electronic circuits and trying to predict their output.
Kerr EffectOptical. This describes the effect of laser light that is reflected from a magnetic surface of an optical disk, which rotates clockwise or anticlockwise depending on the polarity of the bit.
Kerr RotationOptical. When linearly polarised light passes through a thin magnetic film, the polarisation is rotated by the magnetic field in the film. The direction of rotation is used to read information from rewritable optical disks.
KeywordA significant word in a document that helps to define the content of the document.
Kilobyte (KB)
One kilobyte = 1,000 bytes (decimal value)

                        1,024 bytes (binary value)

KnowledgeA subdivision of document/content management primarily concerned with facilitating
Knowledge baseThe fundamental body of knowledge available to an organisation, including the knowledge in people's heads, supported by the organisation's collections of information and data. An organisation may also build subject-specific knowledge bases to collate information on key topics or processes. The term 'knowledge base' is also sometimes used to describe a database of information.
Knowledge managementThere is a wide variety of definitions of knowledge management. The following is from knowledge management consultants Tfpl: "The creation and subsequent management of an environment which encourages knowledge to be created, shared, learnt, enhanced, organised and utilised for the benefit of the organisation and its customers".

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