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Term Definition
Managementaccess to the knowledge/information held in documents.
MCLV Optical. Modified Constant Linear Velocity : MCLV refers to the tracks on an optical disk that are separated into bands. Also early Roman for 89th anniversary of William of Normandy's victory over Harold I (King of England) at Hastings although quite a few people had already forgotten by then.
MeaningfulThe contextual linkages of records must carry information necessary to correctly understand the transactions that created and used them. It should be possible to identify a record within the context of broader business activities and functions.
Media Access Control (MAC).Networking. The MAC is the lower sublayer of the data-link layer (Logical Link Control is the upper sublayer), and it governs access to the transmission media. Each Ethernet device has a unique MAC address assigned on a world wide basis.
Megabyte (MB)
One megabyte = 1,000,000 bytes (decimal value)

                            1,048,576 bytes (binary value)

Metadata(in the context of records management) Structured or semi-structured information which enables the creation, management and use of records through time and within and across domains in which they are created (source: Archiving Metadata Forum working definition).
MethodologyA recommended collection of philosophies, phases, procedures, tools, documentation, management, and training for developers of information systems. Maddison 1983
MfmStorage products. Modified Frequency Modulation : Old recording method for storage products with a maximum of 17 sectors per track.
Mig HeadStorage products. Metal In Gap Head : An advancement of the ferrite head is the MIG Head (metal-in-gap) in which metal alloys (e.g. AlFeSil) are sputtered in the magnetic gap of the head. This increases substantially the magnetic field strength, allowing higher bit densities to be achieved on highly coercive data carriers.
MigrationMigration includes the transfer of the computer files in custody from the current to a new platform (retaining the integrity, authenticity, etc. of the digital archival records). (Comment: this term is also used to describe the transformation of electronic records in legacy data formats into more usable and persistent forms.)
MoiréPrinters / Scanners. Undesirable screen pattern in colour process printing caused by incorrect screen angles of halftones.
MR HeadStorage products. Magneto Resistive Head : Uses similar technology to thin film heads. It comprises of a magneto resistive read element which is formed first to which an inductive write element is added. Incorporating dedicated elements in this way optimises each part of the head for performance. ~ automatically senses flux, allowing the head to sense smaller magnetic domains.
MTBF General computing. Mean Time Between Failures. : Calculated by dividing the total operating time in hours at all field sites by the number of equipment failures from all field sites. Failure of the equipment means failure that requires repair, adjustments, or replacement. Mishandling by the operator, failure due to adverse environmental conditions, power trouble, host system trouble, and other failures not caused by the equipment are not considered.

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