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Term Definition
RAIDStorage. Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks - RAID systems are used primarily in server environments. RAID has many implementations and variations, but all versions attempt to achieve the same goal - protection and availability of stored data.
Rare EarthsOptical. Metallic elements of the lanthanide series (atomic numbers 57 through 71) in the chemical periodic table, such as Praeseodymium, Neodimium, Samarium, Gadolinium and Dysprosium, which are used to form the thin magnetic layer in rewritable optical disks.
Read/Write HeadStorage products. A head which may be shifted horizontally to the disk surface and which consists of at least one electro-magnet. The head may magnetise the disk surface (write on it), read it and erase it; erasing being a write process with a regular pattern.
ReamPrinters. 500 sheets
Ream WeightPrinters / Scanners . A measure of paper weight, a fixed weight per ream (500 sheets) of different paper grades weighed by their designated basis sheet size. i.e. 17Lb / ream = 64 gsm. The conversion between ream weight depends on the basis sheet size, to convert from ream weight to gsm use the following multipliers. Basis Size 17" x 22" use 3.759 20" x 26" use 2.704 24" x 36" use 1.627 See also : GSM
Record SeriesA group of identical or related records that are normally used and filed as a unit and which permits evaluation as a unit for disposal scheduling purposes. A series may consist of one or many records.
Recording DensityStorage products. The number of all magnetised points on the magnetic data carrier. Measured in bits per inch (bpi) and tracks per inch (tpi).
RecordsInformation created, received and maintained as evidence and information by an organisation or person, in pursuance of legal obligations or in the transaction of business.
Records ContinuumThe whole extent of a recordÂ’s existence. Refers to a consistent and coherent regime of management processes from the time of record creation (and before creation, in the design of record-keeping systems), through to the preservation and use of records as archives.
Records ManagementInformation system that captures manages and provides access to records through time.
Records Management SystemA network of related computer software, hardware and data transmission devices that collects and stores data, and is further more able to retrieve and present that data in a human readable format ensuring that the data is authentic, reliable, complete, unaltered and useable, and that the integrity of the system is protected over time.
Reed-Solomon CodeStorage products. An error detection code or an error correcting code or a combination of both which is particularly suited to the correction of burst errors or errors that are strongly correlated.
RepositoryThe institution or building where archival material is stored and/or made available to researchers.
ResamplingScanners. An increase or reduction in the number of pixels in an image, required to change its resolution without altering its size. See also down-sampling and interpolation .
Retention SchedulesLists of the series of records produced by an organisation indicating the length of time for which they must be retained before disposal.
RLLStorage products. Run Length Limited. Recording method for hard disk drives with a high recording density
Rotary Voice Coil ActuatorStorage products. In principle, the rotary voice coil actuator consists of a movable wire coil in a stationary magnetic field (similar to the principle of a loudspeaker). When there is current flowing through the coil, the resulting magnetic field interacting with the permanent magnet causes a movement which again acts on the positioning arm. This movement may be varied infinitely (linear) with the current strength.
RTMGeneral. Read The Manual!

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