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Term Definition
TargStorage products Target : SCSI term that describes any device that performs I/O initiated by an initiator (INIT).
TaxonomyA hierarchical structure used for categorising a body of information or knowledge, allowing an understanding of how that body of knowledge can be broken down into parts, and how its various parts relate to each other. Taxonomies are used to organise information in systems, therefore helping users to find it.
TCFPrinters. Totally Chlorine Free. Method of paper production avoiding use of Chlorine.
TCP/IPNetworking. Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol. TCP/IP is a suite of protocols including TCP, IP, FTP and ICMP. TCP/IP is fast becoming the de-facto standard throughout the world and is the protocol suite used on the Internet.
One Terabyte = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes (digital)

                       = 1,099,511,627,766 bytes (binary)

TeraflopThe ability of a system to compute one trillion floating point operations in one second.
Test Case SpecificationA detail of the specific data that is necessary to run tests based on the conditions identified in the previous stage.
Test Design SpecificationA detail of the test conditions and the expected outcome. This document also includes details of how a successful test will be recognised.
Test Incident ReportA detail of the actual versus expected results of a test, when a test has failed, and anything indicating why the test failed.
Test Item Transmittal ReportA detail of when specific tested items have been passed from one stage of testing to another.
Test LogA detail of what tests cases were run, who ran the tests, in what order they were run, and whether or not individual tests were passed or failed.
Test PlanA detail of how the test will proceed, who will do the testing, what will be tested, in how much time the test will take place, and to what quality level the test will be performed.
Test Procedure SpecificationA detail of how the tester will physically run the test, the physical set-up required, and the procedure steps that need to be followed.
Test Summary ReportA detail of all the important information to come out of the testing procedure, including an assessment of how well the testing was performed, an assessment of the quality of the system, any incidents that occurred, and a record of what testing was done and how long it took to be used in future test planning. This final document is used to determine if the software being tested is viable enough to proceed to the next stage of development.
ThesaurusAn alphabetical list of allowed and non-allowed terms, usually with cross reference to link the non-allowed and allowed terms and to suggest suitable related allowed terms. Also referred to as a Controlled Vocabulary. In records management a thesaurus is a classification tool used in file titling.
Thin Film HeadStorage products. Thin film heads are created using vacuum deposition, photolithographic and other similar techniques used in semiconductor wafer processing, to achieve highly controllable dimensions and characteristics. Through this process, the coil winding is deposited on a ceramic base, creating extremely small heads with equally small and precise gaps between the pole pieces of the magnetic recording material. Thin film heads perform best at lower flying heights, achieving higher areal densities and faster data transfer rates.
ThresholdingScanners. The process of rendering all areas darker than a certain value as black, and all lighter areas as white. Used to convert greyscale images to black and white.
TPIStorage products. Tracks Per Inch.
TrackStorage products. 1. (ISO) The path, or one of the sets of paths, on a data medium associated with a single reading or writing component as the data medium moves past the component. 2. For an optical disk, a 360 degree segment of the path which is to be followed by the read beam during reading or the write beam during writing.
Tracking SystemThe automated or manual system which maintains information on where a hardcopy document/file is at any one time, whether it is with a particular user, on the shelves, or in secondary storage.
TWAINScanners. A multi vendor industry standard for software that controls optical input devices such as scanners, film recorders and video capture interface cards. Application programs that support Twain allow optical input devices to be controlled from inside the application. The specification is controlled by the TWAIN working group

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