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Term Definition
UnicodeA universal encoding scheme for characters and text. The goal of unicode is to enable the use of all characters for all languages of the world. Unicode supports a 16-bit character code for a possible 65,000 characters, as well as an extension of the 16-bit code called UTF-16 that allows for over one million characters and is sufficient for all known encoding requirements, including all known past and present written language characters in the world. Contrast that to the 8-bit 256 character limit of ASCII. Unicode is the default encoding of HTML and XML.
Universal Naming Convention (UNC)The name given for the naming used when one specifies: \\the server\the volume\the path\then the file name of a file. So, a UNC filename would look like this: \\Myserver\Docdrive\Magazine\glossary.doc.
URL (Uniform Resource Locator)Short strings that identify resources in the web, e.g. documents, images, downloadable files, services, electronic mailboxes and other resources. They make resources available under a variety of naming schemes and access methods such as http, ftp and internet mail, addressable in the same simple way.
User GuideA document that describes how to use a system.
User PermissionsPrivileges allocated to employees of determining the extent of access to records and authority to author/originate, add, alter and dispose of records in a record keeping system.
UsersIndividuals or groups of people who view, create, or modify information. Users include those who employ or manage information systems. Users may be employees, vendors, consultants, or temporary employees.
UTP Cable CategoriesNetworking. EIA/TIA568 UTP cable categories. Category Max data rate Notes 1 None Used on older telephone systems 2 4Mbps 3 10Mbps Minimum required by data networks but no upgrade path 4 16Mbps 5 100Mbps Used on most new installations, good upgrade path

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