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Term Definition
WAIThe Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web consortium.
Website Edition ManagementSupport ids provided for website configuration management. Version histories of entire websites may be maintained. Capabilities are provided to automatically roll a site back to a previous version.
White HatA hacker with benign intentions. For example, if a hacker encounters a security hole and the first thing he or she does is explain the problem to the people who run the system that allows the security hole--without letting the knowledge out publicly--that hacker would be described as a white hat hacker. This term comes from old cowboy movies where the good guy wore a white hat.
Wildcard SearchingUsing a character like * for more than one letter and an @ for a single letter within or at the beginning/end of a word when one is searching an automated system and the user is not sure of its exact spelling, or needs to locate all words with the same root.
WinchesterStorage products. Winchester was the code name for IBM's project of developing a completely new kind of disk drive (in the early '70s). The typical feature of this technology is a permanently hermetically enclosed disk head area.
Windows Explorer IntegrationContent repository, and all functionality, can be accessed from the Windows desktop.
WorkflowThe process of organising business processes as a controlled sequence of activities.
WORMStorage. Write Once Read Many
Write PrecompensationStorage products. With the change of the speed of the disk relative to the head (changes from track to track due to varying disk diameter), the data bit also travels within the read window margin. In order that this does not lead to read errors, the write data are shifted in time. This is done starting with a specific track.

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