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APLAWS, or the Accessible & Personalised Local Authority Websites is Content Management System developed to assist UK local authorities deliver services online. It builds on the Red Hat Web Application framework and CMS products to provide 20 conten
     British Standard BS7666 for Geographical Referencing
British Standard BS7666 (Spatial datasets for geographical referencing) "comprises four parts covering Street Gazetteers, Land and Property Gazetteers, Addresses and Rights of Way... BS7666 specifies a standard format for holding details on every pro
     Encoded Archival Description
The EAD Document Type Definition (DTD) is a standard for encoding archival finding aids using Extensible Markup Language (XML). The standard is maintained in the Network Development and MARC Standards Office of the Library of Congress (LC) in partner
     The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting
The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (referred to as the OAI-PMH in the remainder of this document) provides an application-independent interoperability framework based on metadata harvesting.
     Introduction to metadata (Getty Research Institute)
Professionals who are deeply involved in the development and implementation of information standards have contributed to this second version of Introduction to Metadata: one comes from academia, one from the cultural heritage information field, and t
     E-government interoperability framework
The e-GIF defines the technical policies and specifications governing information flows across government and the public sector. They cover interconnectivity, data integration, e-services access and content management.
     Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative is an open forum engaged in the development of interoperable online metadata standards that support a broad range of purposes and business models.
     E-government metadata standard
Joined-up government needs joined-up information systems. The e-Government Metadata Standard (e-GMS) lays down the elements, refinements and encoding schemes to be used by government officers when creating metadata for their information resources or
     Computer Weekly article August 2002
Few people bother to look at the code underlying websites they visit....
     Office of the E-Envoy
The OeE is the lead authority for implementing and maintaining the e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) and the e-Government Metadata Standard. It runs the Metadata Working Group and its sub-groups, acts as a focal point for coordinating a
     Integrated Public Service Vocabulary
The Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary (IPSV) is an ‘encoding scheme’ for populating the e-GMS Subject element. It has been developed with the backing of the ODPM (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) and the eGU (Cabinet Office e-Government Uni
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