09/06/2006 Excellence in data protection PDF Print E-mail
The Information Commissioner’s Office is encouraging data controllers in the public sector to seek recognition for excellence in data protection by applying for a prestigious European award. The award aims to increase awareness of best practice in data protection around Europe.

David Smith, Deputy Commissioner, said: “In an age where more and more information about us is collected and shared, achieving excellence in data protection compliance has never been more important. Many UK organisations demonstrate good practice in information handling. I encourage those organisations in the public sector to submit applications highlighting their achievements not just in the hope that they might win the award but also so that UK expertise in data protection can be shared with the rest of Europe.”

08/06/2006 Library warns of 'more restrictive' DRMs PDF Print E-mail
The British Library’s Chief Executive this week warned of some of the unintended consequences of the widespread adoption of Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems and urged policymakers to balance the rights of content creators with the need to maintain access in the public good.

08/06/2006 DNA database out of control - Featherstone PDF Print E-mail
Lynne Featherstone MP, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson, has discovered information that shows how individuals' samples on the DNA database have been shared with other foreign countries with no real safeguards in place. Under new EU proposals, all member states will be able to access the British DNA database and the information on it.

07/06/2006 Fostering the competitiveness of Europe's ICT industry: Commission launches Task Force PDF Print E-mail
The information and communication technology (ICT) sector is a key contributor to growth in the EU. Meeting for the first time today, the new Task Force – launched by the European Commission – will tackle barriers to competition and the competitiveness of the ICT sector.

Today’s meeting kicks off a 5-month debate on challenges to ICT producers and users, in particular on the challenges and opportunities created by the convergence of digital networks, content and devices. It will identify major obstacles for competitiveness of Europe’s ICT industry and for the completion of the internal market for this sector.

01/06/2006 63% of adults access the Internet PDF Print E-mail
In the three months prior to interview, 63 per cent of adults in Great Britain (29 million) had accessed the Internet in February 2006. This represents 93 per cent of the adults who have ever accessed the Internet.

The most common place to access the Internet was at home (86 per cent), 46 per cent accessed at work, 28 per cent at another person's home, 16 per cent at a place of education and 10 per cent at a public library.

30/05/2006 Semantic Web emerges from the sidelines at Edinburgh conference PDF Print E-mail
The Semantic - or ‘intelligent’ - Web, the mobile web and the issue of ‘net neutrality’ – the idea that there should be a single and freely available Web to all – are the main themes to emerge from a major conference on the future of the Web held in Edinburgh this week.

Speaking in an interview for JISC at the end of the week-long International World Wide Web conference, David De Roure, Professor at the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton and one of the conference organisers, said it would be remembered for the emergence of the Semantic Web from specialist and academic discussions into the mainstream of public debate.

26/05/2006 BCS Remains Most Recognised IT Professional Body PDF Print E-mail
The British Computer Society (BCS) is the most widely recognised professional body amongst the IT sector according to a new public survey. Respondents also cited BCS as the key body responsible for setting and promoting professionalism within the industry alongside supporting professional qualifications.

24/05/2006 Ofcom proposes opening up new spectrum bands to enable broadband fixed wireless services PDF Print E-mail
Ofcom today published proposals to increase the opportunities for broadband fixed wireless services, by opening the 71-76GHz and 81-86GHz bands for licensed use.

At present these spectrum bands are not in commercial use. However, new technology offers the possibility of new applications for these higher frequency bands.

17/05/2006 Lost Hooke archives returned to Royal Society PDF Print E-mail
The manuscripts of Robert Hooke have been returned to the Royal Society.  The fragile pages of the manuscript contain Hooke's notes of Royal Society meetings that took place in the 17th Century.
They are scattered with sketches and marginal observations, which the society hope will give insight into the man whose work crossed so many fields.

More information can be found here and here.

22/05/2006 Worshipful Company of Fishmongers to use AuDoc PDF Print E-mail
Audata is proud to announce that it will be supplying the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers with AuDoc.

AuDoc is a records management tool that aids the administration of an organisation's record keeping needs. AuDoc provides an entry level into the field of records management and is tailored for ease of installation and maintenance.

The Fishmongers' Company is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London and amongst the most ancient of the City Guilds, with an unbroken existence of more than 700 years. The Fishmongers of London are known to have been an organised community long before Edward I (AD 1272) granted them their first Charter.

16/05/2006 Nazi archive to be opened to historians PDF Print E-mail
After two days of talks by diplomats from 11 countries, who met in Luxembourg, an announcement has been made that the world's largest archive of Nazi German documents will be opened to historians for the first time.

It has taken several years of negotiations to reach this agreement, and the talks also went on later than expected as diplomats discussed the details of the deal.

08/05/2006 Witness Contribution Seminar hailed a success PDF Print E-mail
The records management and business process witness seminar held at St James' Park, Newcastle, in which Audata's Technical Director participated, has recieved glowing feedback.

'this was very, very good and inspiring' 

'brilliant - what a chance to rub shoulders with experts'

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