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Sign-it is an electronic signature approval system that allows you to digitally sign documents directly on your computer.  Sign-it eliminates the need for paper routing, decreases the length of time required for document approval, and improves the efficiency of office document workflow.

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PDA signingPersonal and corporate information on handheld devices is vulnerable to tampering and theft. Whilst passwords offer some protection against accessing your data, it is very likely that they could be guessed, forgotten or stolen.  In environments dealing with confidential or sensitive material, security needs to be paramount.
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CadsignCADsign is an application that allows you to embed a digital signature into an AutoCAD drawing (AutoCAD 2000 and above).  A construction project produces hundreds of drawings which are then collated, signed and posted to various sites.  Sending a secure signed AutoCAD drawing by digital methods enables clients to receive vital information within minutes rather than days, saving time and money and meeting deadlines.  It avoids having to print drawings to be able to sign them for documented evidence.
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  • Install Sign-On and enroll your signature onto your Pocket PC.
  • Then, to get access to your information,all you need to do is sign across the screen.
  • There are no backdoors and no bypass methods.
  • Both a signature and a PIN are required before synchronisation can take place.

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Sign-On EnterpriseSign-On Enterprise has the same features as Sign-On Secure with increased security.


  • Sign-On Enterprise cannot be disabled
  • Users cannot re-enroll, nor can they transfer the device to another user
  • Customisation of the corporate logo is included
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Sign-It for WordSign-it is a software application designed to give Microsoft Word users the ability to embed legally compliant electronic handwritten signatures in documents. The binding and analysis features of Sign-it allow the document recipient to check the document for modifications and ensures secure document management.
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