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Founded in 1998, Audata is an information specialist.  We are able to help you with implementations, strategies, policies, procedures and project requirements.  We provide solutions to both local and international clients:

  • Services, practical and strategic, for both paper and electronic records and other information
  • Products and integrated solutions to support information management strategies
  • Specialist advice on digital preservation
  • Working biometric implementations (including electronic signatures and fingerprints) designed for security or for business process improvement, and offering rapid return on investment. 

Audata’s skills and experience cover business and governmental records, technical records and regulated records.  We are particularly experienced with meeting pharmaceutical standards and methods for complying with electronic record and electronic signature regulations.

We advise on and implement:

  • Electronic document and records management systems (EDMS, ERMS)
  • Data storage - especially for archives and large scale current (or semi-current) files
  • Customised software and database solutions

We are clear in expressing and understanding our remit from each individual client.  When we are asked to consult, we give unbiased practical advice.  Because of our experience with actual market leading products our recommendations are practical and our focus on requirements is based on reality. 

Our philosophy is to build long term relationships, sustainable business, and return on investment for our clients.

Through our practical approach based on real experience in implementing, supporting and managing technology, we enable organisations to:

  • Create, manage and store business critical files efficiently and effectively
  • Find the information needed, quickly and reliably
  • Manage emails effectively
  • Gain benefits through time savings and competitive edge
  • Comply with legislation and regulations, for example DPA, FOI, G*P, 21 CFR 11, for customer environment

Audata staff are specialists in digital preservation and continue to study how to preserve long-term access to electronic records.  More and more organisations are finding they need access to records 5 or 10 years down the line.  This is a preservation issue which needs to be addressed for digital documents being created now. 

We supply practical biometric solutions (automatic recognition of a person using distinguishing traits) to support security and information management.  These cover both physical and behavioural biometrics with specific interest in those that improve business processes and streamline workflow.

Our project management staff are trained, qualified and experienced in the PRINCE 2 project management methodology.  This results in improved productivity, reduced costs and real quality control.

Our approach focuses on delivery of business benefit:  “Does it work?  Does it help the client?”  While we are familiar with up to date technology, we are quite willing to recommend a simple solution, to suit the client’s environment and needs. 

With sound knowledge and expertise in the fields of information management and computing, Audata is uniquely placed to help your organisation meet today's challenges.

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