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Following devastating revelations in the Sunday Times yesterday, civil liberties campaigners demanded an immediate and permanent halt to the government’s ID cards programme, and repeal of the ID legislation.

A series of e-mails leaked by a senior official “close to the Treasury” confirm that the project is in melt-down, blame Tony Blair personally for the fiasco, and predict a botched introduction that “could put back the introduction of ID cards for a generation”.

Phil Booth, NO2ID [3] National Coordinator said:

“This whole scheme has been built on deception. The government has systematically misled the public, bullied Parliament and anyone who dared to speak against them, and wasted tens of millions already on a scheme that officials now admit is unworkable.

“Now we discover that the whole thing has been rushed, just to fit Tony Blair’s political agenda. The government’s much-hailed ‘gold standard’ of ID is a complete sham.

“NO2ID said all along that the goal was not the cards, but the database at the heart of the system. The Identity Cards Act is still far too dangerous to leave on the statute books, because it still empowers  a control-freak fantasy of running our lives by database. Now the fraud is revealed, it must be repealed.”

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