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Document ManagementDocument management is the effective process of managing documents throughout their lifecycle.  This includes the processes of retrieving, sharing, tracking, revising and distributing documents and the information they contain, from inception all the way to their destruction.

The effective management of documents is key to running an efficient business and can help with legal and regulatory compliance.  If people can find the information they need when they need it, it frees up more time for the real work, and helps to reduce stress and increase productivity.

All organisations produce documents that need to be retained for any number of reasons, ranging from customer relationship management to compliance; look on your desk now and you will see that document management is all around (in a variety of formats and to varying degrees of effectiveness).

Tools to help with efficient document management may be physical (folders, lever-arch files, filing cabinets) or digital (Electronic Document Management System, CDs, C Drive) and sometimes even mean a staff member solely dedicated to the task.  More often than not, it is a mixture of all three.

Audata works in practical ways to enhance current methods of managing documents, to deliver strategies and products which best suit the application and the customer.

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