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Digital Preservation Computer files, documents and drawings often need to be consulted after five, ten or more years.  To be confident that you will be able to access these digital records in the future, planning is required now.  A formal preservation process will also be required in the long term.

In spite of the scare stories, digital preservation is possible and it is being done in most organisations.  Just think about migrating from one database to another or converting a document from Microsoft Word 2 to Word 2000.  However, this work is often being undertaken without explicit consideration of the record keeping and audit trail aspects.  Digital preservation is also central to a "less paper" office strategy.

Audata, through its work in the UK and the Netherlands, is familiar with preservation techniques:

  • migration
  • emulation
  • preservation of technology
  • conversion to standard formats (such as XML)

We can advise on preservation emergencies if you have hardware or software that has become obsolete.  We can help you to plan preservation for business critical documents, or to achieve a "less paper" office.

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