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ProfIT You can ProfIT from information management

"Professionals spend 5 to 15% of their time reading information, but up to 50% looking for it"

Coopers & Lybrand study 1998

Clear and practical information management advice is essential for managing the impact of email, the Internet and e-business.

 Staff lose time:

  • looking for lost items
  • filing duplicates
  • sorting out which is the “correct” version
  • working on the wrong version
Audata takes a practical view to addressing these issues and has created a customisable information management package which does not require additional software and takes advantage of our IT skills and yours to introduce information management changes that will give long lasting benefits to your organisation.

ProfIT - a Professional Review Of Filing and IT

  • Our specialist team handles information problems whether dealing with stacks of paper or with disorganised computer files
  • We work top-down and bottom-up to ensure a system that really works
  • We work with your staff, advising and training to ensure the users "buy in"

Audata's ProfIT programme successfully guides users through reviewing and reducing their paper and electronic filing – typically achieving a reduction of 50 to 70%!

ProfIT helps you implement a more streamlined and efficient system producing immediate and ongoing savings - thus your expenditure is soon recovered. This programme provides an extremely cost effective solution to the mounting information problems of today:

  • The investment is moderate, no expensive software to be rolled out
  • The return on investment is immediate and continuous
  • Time is expensive, spend less of it searching for documents
  • Storage costs are high

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