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Audata Ltd is committed to the quality of all services and products it supplies; we are committed to delivering products that are defect free.  Audata has a strong quality assurance philosophy as part of its culture.  We work in such a way as to prevent defects from being transferred throughout a project lifecycle by using a process of review and experimentation to find and remedy defects as close to their point of occurrence as is practicable.

W Model

Audata’s Quality Model

Establishing, monitoring and reviewing the quality of Audata’s products and services are the responsibility of the Board of Directors.  The Directors review and approve all quality systems, and ensure that all staff are informed of them, trained adequately to follow them, and produce documented evidence of the quality of all activities.
Technical Quality: 

All technical work, and all technical products from Audata staff, are designed and tested to ensure that they are free from defects or errors as far as is reasonably practicable.  All products are reviewed for technical quality.  All written materials associated with technical products are reviewed by non-technical staff to be sure that the materials are comprehensible. 

Openness and Clarity: 

All written materials produced by Audata, and all contractual agreements offered by Audata are clear about the services and products offered, and about any limitations in those services and products, including limitations caused by nature, by time, or by customer choices.  All written materials are intelligible to a general audience.


No information obtained from one customer is disclosed to any other customer without prior written permission from the original customer and approval from a Director.  

Audit Trails for Work: 

All work is accepted in writing by the customer before an invoice is issued.  All processes from gathering requirements, through agreeing a contract, performing the work, and agreeing that the work has been satisfactorily completed, is documented and approved.

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