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Audata, together with partners Tessella, were selected to provide strategic consulting for digital preservation to the Government of the Netherlands, including practical experiments and implementation. The Digital Preservation Testbed is a 3 year research project which began in July 2000. It was designed to investigate and evaluate the possible approaches for long-term preservation of electronic records in order to make recommendations to government departments and the National Archives of the Netherlands on their future strategy.

These recommendations cover:

  • guidelines on immediate steps to be taken to facilitate long-term preservation of electronic records
  • recommendations on the preservation approaches to be adopted for different record types
  • cost models to assess the present and future resources necessary to implement a reliable long-term electronic archiving framework.

The project is structured around a series of experiments, intended to generate specific practical knowledge about the pros and cons of different combinations of preservation approaches and record types. The analysis of the series of experiments will be used to develop the recommendations and advice.  
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